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Fair and Festivals

People in colourful Himachal Pradesh celebrate a variety of about 2000 fairs, festivals and events. These fair and festivals reflects the tradition and culture of Himachal Pradesh and people over there always are keen to celebrate each and every festival. Although people entreat their Gods and Goddesses during local festivals and other special occasions, they also used to love singing and dancing, buying and selling. At present about 20 state level fairs or festivals are celebrated in Himachal recognised by the Government.
Some festivals are:
• Kullu Dussehra
• Mandi Shivratri
• Rampur Lavi
• Chamba Minjar Mela
• Chamba Mani Mahesh Yatra
• Solan Shoolini Mela
• Bilaspur Naina Devi Fair
• Sujanpur Holi
• Lohri
• Nalwari Fair
• Buffalo Fair
• Baisakhi
• Sissu Fair
• Bharmaur Jatra Fair
• Sirmaur Renuka Fair and many more.