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Himachal Trekking Tours

Kheer Ganga Trek

Kheer Ganga is situated in Parvati Valley at distance of 22 km from Manikaran. For Kheer Ganga, one has to go by motorable road up to a place called ‘Barsheni’and from there to Kheerganga on foot. This trek leads through hilly terrain. This is the place where ‘Kartik ji’ who was the elder son of ‘Lord Shiva’ remained in ‘Samadhi’ for thousands of years.

Kheer Ganga is one of the most refreshing treks that you can go anywhere. The natural hot water spring experience is something that you will remember for a life time. Most people who reach this place always come back for seconds as there you can simply not get enough of such a place. The place is open for about 7 months in a year.

The trek is very pleasant and offers some exhilarating views. The vegetation changes dramatically and opens up into a flat land that is graced by the occasional tent, the few guest houses and cafes and the temple premises which also comprises of the hot water spring.
After the climb you are rewarded with release from all your pains during the day and get to bathe in hot spring and rejuvenate yourself. Even though there is a hot spring at the gurudwara down at Manikaran, the experience of Kheer Ganga is unique in so many ways.

There are also good facilities for accommodation and food here considering that all the goods are taken via mules or human carriers. The locals sprint down the slopes with heavy goods on their back. There is no simple way that you can keep up with the locals when they ascend and descend. The friendly nature of the people is more than warmth you need as all the things that you can think for are provided for at highly reasonable rates.

Visiting the temple at early dawn before you proceed to the pool is customary. The biting cold is forgotten once your body is in that sulphur heated water.
The first thing that you will need is a good sturdy pair of shoes and a backpack. The size of your backpack will vary as per your plans of stay. If you plan to stay for a day, it can be a small backpack. However, there is only one problem with staying there for one day, your heart will melt away as you walk away from the place. You will also have to decide whether you would like camp or rent. Camping here is easy and you will get all that you need. Carrying a raincoat with you is a good thing to do since the weather can be unpredictable sometimes. Basic things like a torch should also not be neglected juts in case. There is no electricity in Kheer Ganga and the lights are all run on solar power. Remember to carry some food with you as you climb up and descend. Water is not a problem as the valley provides in plenty for you. The water from the steams in the valley people say is better than the best of what even Evian can give to you.
Pin Parvati Pass Trek

The Pin Parvati Pass Trek traverses the northern edge of the isolated Parvati Valley, past the Mantalai Lake, the origin of the Parvati River. From Khir Ganga, the trekking trail climbs all the way to the 5319 m high. Pin Parvati Pass that connects the lush Parvati valley on the Kullu side to the stark Pin valley on the Spiti side. The landscape changes abruptly as you cross the pass. The greenery of the mountain on the ascending side is a sharp contrast to the barren, rugged scenery that greets you as you descend.

Region: - Himachal Pradesh
Duration: - 11 days
Grade: - Difficult
Maximum Altitude: - 17,500ft
Approx Trekking km:-110km

If you are wondering for trekking in Manali, then trekking in Himalaya at an altitude of 5319 meter high at Pin Parvati Pass is a great trek for seasoned trekkers. The best season to pin valley trek is in the month of July to September. The most beautiful region during the trek is the Pin Parvati valley of Spiti. The amazing trek tour begins via crossing over the flourishing green Parvati valley and beautiful Landscape in Kullu, which falls in the range of great Himalaya into the Spiti valley. The heavy snowfall gives an alpine feeling and experience to remember for life time.

The stunning dazzle view of The Pin Parvati Pass is full of adventure and thrills. It is a risky and difficult pass because of high altitude, lengthy crossing area away from surroundings and heavy snow fall for almost whole year. The name Pin Parvari Pass is derived after the linking of Parvati valley in Kullu and Pin valley in Spiti.
Pin valley trek is an altimate stunning trek with spectacular sceneries and views of 11 days long. The trek begins with Kullu and straight away driving to Barsheni Village. On the way while travelling trekkers enjoy the experience of thick alpine forest, wild flowers, lakes, wide glaciers crest, lush greenery, grazing land and North planetary landscape. The pin valley builds an incredible hue with the sunrise. Continuing the travelling to holy place of Hindu Khir Ganga gives a change to take a deep bath in hot spring water tank. This place is devoted to Lord Shiva. The tour is followed by Tunda Bhuz were camping is made at lush green areas surrounded by number of Birch trees. Travelling at the distance of 5 hours when trekkers reach to Thakurkuan enjoy the visit to “Wild life sanctuary Kanawar”. Beautiful Himalayan flowers, irregular rocky bridges gives an appealing view when trekkers get ahead of from Parvati side Base camp above Pin Parvati pass at a height of 17500ft after travelling for 8 hours. Climbing at upper higher altitude increases the difficulty level of trekking as snow falls and rainfalls makes the area slippery. So, the advisors suggest to take extra precaution for a save trek while trekking from pin valley side camp to Wichkurung Thatch. Mud is the largest pin valley which comes while trekking in Mnali. The trek ends with beautiful picturesque, inhabited villages while driving from Kaza to Manali for 9 hours. The overnight can be stayed in Manali and travelers depart from Delhi to their desired places.
This trek offers a brilliant view of staying in western Himalayan region at Himachal Pradesh. Walking along the mountains, downhill crossing, snowfield areas, unusual natural rocky bridges, Himalayan brown bears and wild small colorful flowers builds an ever unforgettable flash.
Hampta pass Trek:

Region: Himachal Pradesh
Duration: 5 days and 4 nights
Grade: Easy to moderate
Maximum Altitude: 14,100 ft.
Approx Treking km: 26 kms.

If you are a first time trekker and wondering for a trek, then Hampta Pass is the best place to chooose. The unforgettable high moderate Himalayan adventure Hampta Pass Trek is based in the region of beautiful Himachal at an altitude of about 14100 ft high. This trekking can be done in any season, but the best time to go for the trekking in Hampta Pass is in the month of June to September. This trekking gives an amazing experience of exploring your life with special hues of nature. One gets an incredible view of rock faces, frosty valleys, thick pine forest, open meadows, adrenaline pumping waterway and pleasant as well as adventurous crossing areas.

Hampta Pass Trek connects two beautiful valleys named; Kullu and Lahaul. Colorful Himalayan birds, species and flowers attract the viewers by their beauty. The scenic landscape frequently changes in weather and atmosphere delights the trekkers and gives a good option of clicking pictures. Climbing on the snow stretch and finding peace with nature with the surroundings of Himalaya is vast.

Itinerary Details:

It is a trek of 5 days. The trekking in Himachal Hampta Pass starts from beautiful hill station Manali. From Manali trekkers cross from Jobra to Chika. Crossing through small pine forest, huge rock and rich vegetations are remarkable. After travelling just for four hours and you reach to the second destination of your trek that is Chika. Here you enjoy the refreshing river, waterfalls and grassy land. The second day of the trek is Balu ka Gera. At Balu ka Gera you meet with huge rocks at Nani Lake, enjoy the icy cold water, mountain and click photographs to make your trip memorable. The next destination is Shea Goru, it is 8 hours journey. Colorful river side tiny flowers and patches of snow divert the attention of trekkers. At an altitude before crossing the Hampta Pass Deo Tibba Peak is clearly visible. Hampta Pass has got two ridges. The zicizag route, U-turn, downhill and snow fall with an uncertain rainfall makes the trekking moment more enjoyable. It is an easy trek with a moderate level of walking area. Then here comes the second last destination from Siagoru to Chatru; it is downhill trek of 5 hours. Here you get rivers and beautiful valleys in the heart of mountain ranges. The trekking is quite difficult in this area because of slippery soils and rocky edge path. Chandra River and glacier flow near it makes a remarkable statement in trek. The final destination of the trek is Chatru to Chandratal. Chatru is at a distant of 70 kms far from Chandratal Lake. You can drive to Chandar Tal and visit to the Moon Lake; it is main point to visit in Chandartal and step back to Manali after enjoying your time at utmost. You can also enjoy the local sightseeing of Manali.
The Frozen River Trek
Region: - Leh, Ladakh, J & K
Grade: - Difficult
Max Altitude: - 11,123 ft
Approx Trekking: - 105 km
The frozen river trek is also called as the chadar trek. Chadar is a hindi words means a type of bed sheet or blanket. This trek is known as frozen river trek because as the name suggested the river is fully covered with frozen ice and snow. This trek is one of the most adventurous and toughest treks in Himachal Pradesh and the distance of this trek is almost 105 Km. Before explaining more We should make it clear that the minimum temperature may remains -250C to -200C during the day and may fall down during down obviously, so whatever facts come to your mind keep all that with you.
More on, chadar trek is most glamorous and incredible trek. Interesting thing is that the frozen ice on the river changes colour after every few hours.
Beside this the journey of the trek takes one through breathtaking sightings of hanging icicles, iced-peaks set against turquoise skies and charming Tibetan prayer flags.